LLC The Permanent Wave specializes in food supply to children’s educational institutions, boarding houses, hospitals, medical centers, shops, canteens, cafes, restaurants, and other catering enterprises. We work not only with organizations from Moscow and the Moscow region but also with companies throughout Russia.

Having a long experience of cooperation with government agencies, we know how important food quality control is. That is why we responsibly declare that all our products meet GOST and other requirements for social organizations. This statement is confirmed by documents. For all our products we are ready to provide veterinary certificates, certificates of conformity. We control the compliance with the requirements for labeling, packaging.
Wholesale food supplies

We not only offer our customers food products in bulk but are also ready to arrange their free delivery in a specially equipped road transport. We have received accompanying documents – sanitary passport, medical books issued for the driver, forwarder, loaders, body disinfection certificate. All papers will be provided to you for review on-demand.