We’ve all had an unwanted perm. Usually it’s a little too tight. When the hairdresser removes the rods, you pretty much know when a perm is a little too tight, so immediately that day go home and shampoo a perm. What that’s going to do is that’s immediately going to relax it.

You’re also going to want to apply a heavy duty conditioner to the hair and what that’s going to do is also help weigh down some of that curl because weight is going to pull that curl out.

A little king or queen?

Then what you can do is in about a week or two you can go back to your designer and have them do a chemical straightener on your hair, making sure that it is ammonium thioglycolate, the exact same chemical compound that perms are created from, because if you use a sodium based one then you’ll have yourself a chemical haircut and your hair will break off. So just make sure that they use an ammonium thioglycolate based straightener.

That, of course is chemical process on top of chemical process. That will cause some damage. So you’re then going to have to use a deep conditioning treatment on a regular basis.

Now, there are other ways to help pull the curl out. You can use a straightening spray and then actually just blow your hair out straight. You can also flat iron. Now, these will also damage the hair, but they’re a little bit less damaging than let’s say a straightener immediately after getting a body wave.

So just make sure that you do an extremely thorough consultation when you do get a perm. Bring in pictures of the curl you want, and then that will also help you prevent yourself from being in the situation of having to get rid of a perm.

Getting Rid of a Perm