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Cause number one. Experience of work

Our company has been working in catering since 2010. During this time, qualified employees of the company LLC “ThePermanentWave” have gained extensive experience in the field of wholesale food supplies for restaurants, bars, cafes, canteens, etc.

Reason №2: Assortment

For today in our Assortment more than 7000 names of foodstuff of the guaranteed quality. Regardless of what ideas you want to implement, whatever form of public catering you would not decide to implement, the company ” ThePermanentWave ” will provide you with all the necessary range of food products.

Reason #3: Delivery

Your business will never know what the lack or absence of source components is. At your service is always at work delivery in Moscow and the region and the most reliable food supply, with a guarantee of delivery deadlines.

Cause number 4: Service standards

Company ” ThePermanentWave” has the uniform standard of service of partners. It means that even the smallest cafe or buffet among our clients will not be left without attention, all orders are formed according to your requirements.

Reason five: Special offers

Equal attention to all partners does not prevent the company to provide the best conditions of cooperation for you. Especially for you developed a mutually beneficial system of discounts and offers.

We are constantly looking for new opportunities to improve cooperation.