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Like the last of us, the walking dead is a game that has those big moments that will force players to take harsh decisions. Another narrative behemoth that preceded the last of us by a few months in 2013, irrational’s bioshock infinite is.

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With 2020 coming to an end, the gaming community also bids its farewell to arguably the best decade of gaming.


Games like the last of us for pc. It will take time but the same was the case with demon. These are games like the last of us for pc. This game should give tomb raider fans something to look forward to.

The last of us 2, one of sony’s most anticipated exclusives, will come to pc on its release at the end of next month, it’s been announced. The game is supposed to have a fun crafting system that allows you to create and upgrade weapons as well as an environment that changes with a day and night cycle. 5 of the best games to play if you like the last of us.

Read the descriptionheres another games like for you guys. We have already seen the emulator boot games like metal gear solid 4 and now the last of us is also on its way to get proper emulation on pc. This time were doing the last of us.

Forza horizon 4 is easily one of the best pc games you can buy today, and this entry brings the racing to the uk after having explored america, france, italy and australia in the previous three. Here we look at 5 of the best games that also tell great stories like the last of us. While games like red dead redemption, call of duty black ops marked this decade’s beginning, the last of us 2, doom eternal, among others, made sure that it ends on a perfect note.

So, in this context, here are some of the best games like the last of us 2 that will serve up a delicious story that fans can sink their teeth into. Today, you can play games like minecraft, fortnite, rocket league, and call of duty: The last of us part ii is a very heavy game, despite the fact that we called it a “masterpiece” in our review.the 25 or so hours of gameplay rarely leave.

When people try to bring up games similar to the last of us, a name that frequently pops up is god of war. The pc gaming landscape has shifted in recent years, both in terms of technological advancements in graphics cards and gaming monitors and in the makeup of ign's pc gaming staff and contributors. Games like far cry, games like horizon zero dawn, games like just cause, games like prince of persia, games like the last of us, games like uncharted, games like alan wake, games like dying light, games like outlast, games like resident evil, games like silent hill, games like until dawn, games like assassin's creed, games like bioshock, games like deus ex, games.

Naughty dog is one of the top developers in the business when it comes to narrative, which comes full force in the last of us. Modern warfare together across the ps4 and pc (along with xbox and switch, too). The last of us if you want story in a zombie world, kinda like tlou, i would recommend the walking dead from telltale if you can find it.

Now anyone, regardless of disability or skill can play the last of us part ii. While playing the last of us on pc would be convenient, you have to make sacrifices for masterpieces sometimes. Read the full feature here:

The last of us part ii is a brutal tale about ellie's revenge and the extreme lengths she goes to in order to fulfill this lust for making people pay for their grievous trespasses against her. 5) red dead redemption 2 Metro exodus is a continuation of the narrative established by the previous metro game, last light.

However, if you don’t have one of sony’s consoles to hand this list of games you can play on pc that are like the last of us should sate your appetite. This game arguably goes the furthest in terms of how deep into darkness characters steep themselves, but it certainly is not the first game about vengeance. Packed with suspense, emotion, action, and intrigue, the last of us is.

Luckily, the same team was behind nathan drake's swan. You can play the game by sound alone, or change up the focus to see better. Idk if dying light is on pc.

A super cool feature the second game offers is broadened accessibility.

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