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It simply just wouldn’t feel like halloween without watching hocus pocus. I have pinned about 30 different versions of hocus pocus drinking games, and have been just waiting for a chance to play.

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For example, you take a sip every time sarah sanderson flirts with someone (that’s gonna take a refill or seven), and you take a gulp whenever the spellbook.


Hocus pocus drinking game buzzfeed. If you are having a hocus pocus halloween party, this is the perfect party game for you to play. We all know hocus pocus is the greatest halloween movie of all time. Take this quiz to answer questions about this classic halloween movie!

Reel drinking games “it’s just a bunch of hocus pocus.” eat. The game calls for taking sips, gulps and shots when certain things happen in the movie. 23 reasons why hocus pocus is the best halloween movie of all time.

If you’re looking for something fun to drink while playing this game, here’s a list of 10 hocus pocus themed drinks and 10 spooky bottles of wine for some eerie inspiration. These 10 hocus pocus themed drinks are perfect for a hocus pocus viewing party or just any halloween get together that you want to bring a little sanderson magic to. Naturally, i suggested hocus pocus.

And so, each of them get their own cupcake! Even better than all of that is that this hocus pocus bingo game is yours if you want it! 31, usdish put together a report identifying the.

Let’s start this game up already!) i think that will just about do it! The hocus pocus drinking game for adults. Simply drop your email below and i'll send the bingo game over to you immediately!

The hocus pocus drinking game to end all hocus pocus drinking games! Halloween just got so much boozier. See more ideas about hocus pocus drinking game, drinking games, hocus pocus.

Any of these cocktails would also be perfect to sip on while playing my hocus pocus drinking game that would knock even the most powerful of witches off their broomstick. To order up this spooky treat, start with a venti iced pumpkin spice latte, add two pumps of white mocha sauce and two pumps of. Buzzfeed news has confirmed that all three sistahs are ready to hop back on their brooms should disney greenlight the project!

Hocus pocus is a cult classic when it comes to halloween. And also yes, this counts as ice getting mentioned by name. 16 jokes about hocus pocus that are just so accurate.

This hocus pocus drinking game is the halloween activity we’ve been waiting our whole lives for. While you’re on your yearly halloween movie binge, grab a drink, find a cozy blanket, and enjoy. Hocus pocus party (with drinking game printable!) posted in cooking , party by doclaurab hocus pocus is one of my favorite childhood halloween movies (double, double, toil and trouble is definitely on the list).

If you haven’t seen hocus pocus, it’s the perfect blend of campy humor, silliness and plot holes that are fun to point out. This 'hocus pocus' drinking game will get you so tipsy this halloween. hocus pocus is about three old witches reminding a teenage boy he's a virgin every chance they get. jen abidor.

Best hocus pocus drinking game for halloween 2021. Obviously, i won’t be drinking (hey oh, baby on board!), fortunately, i also won’t be. 'tis the season for a little hocus pocus.

It's not halloween without the sanderson sisters! It is a fun movie that we remember from being kids that we are now introducing to the next generation. I thought long and hard about what food would be fun to celebrate the sanderson sisters.

This disney movie was released in 1993 and is full of nostalgia for anyone who grew up in the 90s. If you watch the movie 'hocus pocus' every halloween, kick it up a notch by making it a drinking game following these simple rules. Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best.

So whether you are a long time fan of the movie or this is your first year watching it as an adult, you are going to love this hocus pocus.

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