How Old Is My Iphone 4s

How Old Is My Iphone 4s

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Your old iphone might find perch as a permanent resident of your nightstand. Hold down the sleep/power button and home button together for exactly 10 seconds, then release the power button.

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Simply tell us the carrier and the condition of your phone, and you'll see the best offer from usell's marketplace of trusted buyers.


How old is my iphone 4s. Most of my old phones i've given away to family or friends, with the only exception being my nokia 3310. I always said the phone was worth the price just as a music player alone, everything else it does is just a bonus. We recommend cases by spigen , caseology , and supcase (for the rougher kids).

When the iphone 13 launches later in 2021, the iphone 4 will be almost 11 years old… Actual viewable area is less. In itunes, choose the symbol that symbolizes your iphone.

Once you send in your iphone for trade in, it is inspected to make sure the model and condition match what you selected. Hold alt (pc) or option (mac) as you click restore. Making use of the network connection from your iphone, your mac will download ios 10.

Two ways to restore iphone 4/4s without itunes are provided above. I still keep my old 4s just for music listening reasons on the go. If needed, put in the password of your apple id to confirm.

However, let us introduce you the way to permanently clean old iphone 4s/5/5s data before selling it. The iphone 7 iphone 4s. For a long time that thing was my festival phone.

Now launch itunes and connect your iphone to it. Iphone 4 is very hard to find on ios 6, and whether it should be done at all is a big question. Freedom mobile or other aws networks like videotron or mobilicity;

Many people want to completely cleaned data from old iphone 4s/5/5s, before they resel. Now it's sleeping in a box in my attic. This means the phone is now over 10 years old.

Select the ipsw file and click open. Turn on any other icloud settings you feel are appropriate like photos, game center, and so forth. Step 1 install iphone data eraser

Iphone 4s iphone 4s release date: When measured as a standard rectangular shape, the screen is 5.42 inches (iphone 12 mini), 5.85 inches (iphone x, iphone xs, and iphone 11 pro), 6.06 inches (iphone 12 pro, iphone 12, iphone 11, and iphone xr), 6.46 inches (iphone xs max and iphone 11 pro max), and 6.68 inches (iphone 12 pro max) diagonally. If unlocked… rogers and its subcarriers;

It may be the simplest way to restore your iphone 4/4s. Protect it so that your kid knows it's valuable and not just another toy. Free download to clean iphone 4s/5/5s data permanently:

Connect your iphone to your computer. Septs by steps to deleted iphone 4s/5/5s data without restoring. Much like the iphone 3gs, the iphone 4s was an interim update to the phone.

Boot your iphone into recovery mode. Differences between method 1 and method 2. The iphone 4 got a release date on june 24, 2010.

Select your iphone in itunes or finder. This was the first iphone to support the intelligent personal assistant that has since become part of every single iphone and apple’s smart home devices. If you have an older iphone like a 4s or 5, then chances are you get a case on amazon for dirt cheap.

But the iphone 4s on ios 6 brings fond memories. I quickly adapted to typing with one hand and do not worry about the smartphone accidentally slipping. After several years of releasing the iphone in the summer, apple changed things up in 2011 by releasing the newest version of the device in october.

The s, at the time, stood for siri. Examine your alternatives for downloading and installing ios 10. In all my tests, the old iphone 4 “death grip” had no impact on the speed of cellular downloads on the iphone 4s, nor did a reverse grip at the top of the phone.

The iphone 4s was launched in october of 2011. Locate “general” and tab “reset”. Sell it on swappa (sold and bought phones on there before, its like ebay.) old idevices make great clocks.

Connect the iphone to your computer and launch itunes.turn the iphone off (hold down the power button at the top of the iphone). Choose “erase all content and settings”.

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