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Although creating a game that’s more different than others. I guess that is why pc ports is just not common and how easy it to hack pc games, that is resources spent catching hackers and patching exploits instead.

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Best f2p friendly gacha games reddit.

Pc gacha games reddit. Players can download genshin impact, which has certainly earned a rank as one of the best new gacha games, on pc, ios, and android devices. Since its release in august 2018, it now has over five million downloads. Top gacha games 2020 reddit.

This does not include emulators of any kind. There’s a lot of content in this game that features a decent storyline. Gacha games are the best.

Endless world has gacha / hero collecting elements but is mostly an idle/clicker game with some rpg elements sprinkled in as well. The biggest gacha game finally fits the desktop! For instance, rerolling accounts is a pillar of gacha gaming, and while you don't have to, it's the only way to get around the gacha system.

Pc gaming is just not that big on japan, which is the gacha mecca, where the biggest profits is coming from, china has sizable pc gaming scene but that is more for multiplayer games too. What're some gacha games that are available on pc? You don’t need to summon an emulator or require da vinci to create a buggy 3 rd party app to get the game going.

S ummoner’s war is the most downloaded gacha game with 50,000,000+ downloads, and probably one of the first hero collector games too! Mostly granblue fantasy, the greatest gacha game ever created. The games with “november tba” as the date are not 100% confirmed, however it’s likely they’ll be released this month.

The market for free gacha mobile games is filled with a variety of titles. Not all gacha games have japanese origins. Play the english version of fate grand order for free on the pc!

Arknights took a completely different approach by instead creating one of the most successful tower defense games on the market. So if you are looking for the highest population & competition, then definitely you want to take a look at sw. If a gacha game can only be played on pc through an emulator, it does not qualify for this thread!

Still, i rarely do find the time to play regular games and get. Other than that, the rest of your criteria make it sound like you want a proper paid game rather than a gacha game. These are the top anime gacha games of 2021 on android/ioswatch us stream mmorpgs on twitch:

I wouldn't even bother playing half the games i do if i couldn't use an emulator. World flipper it launched in 2020 in japan coming to global in 2021 unique game with the. This is a thread for future reference for other people who might need this info:

18112020 many consider it the best gacha game to download right now. Welcome to the new year!! I played it for a little bit but had issues with network connectivity / desync quite a bit.

This mobile adventure rpg is one of the most popular games on the google play store. The gacha game of the year 2020⭐become an ssr member: Like 90% of my gaming time in the past 5 years has been taken up by gacha games.

The game may be a little bit old as compared to the others in the market but it is still considered one of the best gacha games today. It is still fgo as you know it on mobile except you can play it directly on the pc. Best gacha games 2021 reddit.

You can progress and feel accomplishment as you go along. Just put down a comment for your gacha game and we'll see what the community agrees on, then maybe i'll edit this post into a list (whenever i'm awake):

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